Building Composite Applications with Windows Azure AppFabric

I recently reviewed a great blog post on the topic of Composite Applications on top of the Windows Azure Platform. It explains briefly the concepts around the Composition Model, based on .NET Framework, that enables to define the components of your Windows Azure application along with their characteristics and relationships. As a result of the composition of your application, you are rewarded with a  AppFabric Composite App that can be automatically deployed and managed on top of the cloud platform by Composite App Service. The whole process simplifies lots of the complex administrative tasks that you have to do in order to deploy such solutions today.

Of course all the features are nicely integrated into the development environment (Visual Studio 2010), so it makes it way more familiar for you to use.

Currently the technology is in the CTP phase, so you can try it out and if you are interested in more, here are some links:

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