European Cloud Computing Futures: 2.4M New Jobs by 2015

I just came across and interesting article in EWeek that predicts there will be 2.4 million new jobs related to Cloud Computing by 2015 in Europe alone, which is a very optimistic prediction. 

In my personal opinion there will, of course, be a major shift towards the jobs related to cloud computing, but we cannot assume all of these jobs will be net new – some existing jobs will have to be changed, expanded or refocused, especially those jobs associated with the administration and basic maintenance of the IT infrastructure (time to rethink your future IT Pros?), as also outlined in the article:

“…With cloud computing, businesses won’t have to buy, develop or maintain costly IT systems and applications. By switching to the pay-as-you-go model, businesses can reap major cost savings. …”

So perhaps we will actually move from the famous 80/20 ratio (80% spending on maintenance of IT environments, 20% investment into new business opportunities) and hopefully land at 20/80 Winking smile…. but I would not bet on 2015 for that one.

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