PDC Announced Bits for Windows Azure are Available!

For all of you, who are monitoring Windows Azure Platform, here are some great news. The bits that were announced at the PDC conference in November are available for usage and testing (some functionalities are in Beta or CTP programs). Read more details about the announcements on the Windows Azure Team Blog, but in a nutshell the following functionality is available to you through the Windows Azure SDK and Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio release 1.3 and the new Windows Azure Management Portal:

  • Elevated Privileges and Full IIS running in the Windows Azure roles;
  • Remote Desktop connectivity to the Windows Azure roles;
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Roles;
  • Multiple Service Administrators for your accounts;
  • A completely redesigned Silverlight-based Windows Azure portal;
  • Access to new diagnostic information;
  • A new sign-up process.

The following functionality is now available as beta:

The following functionality is now available as CTP:

  • Windows Azure Connect (formerly Project Sydney), which basically enables IP connectivity (VPN) between on-premise and cloud environments.

Developers and IT Professionals can sign up for either of the betas above via the Windows Azure Management Portal.

Amazing functionality, do check it out!

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