PDC10 Announcements

In case you have missed, here is the link to the Windows Azure announcements that were presented last week at PDC10:

Key Announcements:

  • Support for more types of new and existing Windows applications will soon be available with the introduction of the Virtual Machine (VM) role. Customers can move more existing applications to Windows Azure reducing the need to make costly code or deployment changes.
  • Development of more complete applications using Windows Azure is now possible with the introduction of Elevated Privileges and Full IIS. The new Elevated Privileges functionality for the Web and Worker role will provide developers with greater flexibility and control in developing, deploying and running cloud applications. The Web role will soon provide Full IIS functionality, which enables multiple IIS sites per Web role and the ability to install IIS modules.
  • Remote Desktop functionality enables customers to connect to a running instance of their application or service in order to monitor activity and troubleshoot common problems.
  • There will be a range of new networking functionality under the Windows Azure Virtual Network name. Windows Azure Connect (formerly Project Sydney), which enables a simple and easy-to-manage mechanism to setup IP-based network connectivity between on-premises and Windows Azure resources, is the first Virtual Network feature that we’ll be making available as a CTP later this year.

Coming in CY2011

  • CDN Dynamic Content Caching: With this new functionality, the Windows Azure CDN can be configured to cache content returned from a Windows Azure application.
  • CDN SSL Delivery: Users of the Windows Azure CDN will now have the capability to deliver content via encrypted channels with SSL/TLS.
  • Improved global connectivity: We will add new Windows Azure CDN nodes in the Middle East and improve existing connectivity in the US and Brazil.
  • Constructing VM role images in the cloud: We will enable developers and IT Professionals to build VM images for VM role directly in the cloud. This will be offered as an alternative to the current approach of building images on-premises and uploading them over the Internet.
  • Support for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 SP2 in the VM role
  • Improved Java Enablement: Microsoft plans to make Java a first-class citizen on Windows Azure. This process will involve improving Java performance, Eclipse tooling and client libraries for Windows Azure. Customers can choose the Java environment of their choice and run it on Windows Azure.

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