New Web Application Toolkits Available!

Web Application Toolkits help ASP.NET web developers quickly complete common tasks.  Each Web Application Toolkit download contains reusable assets - i.e. controls, class libraries, endpoints etc. and a sample application that shows how to use them.

So far the following Toolkits were available: IE8 Extensibility, Bing Search, REST Services, Mobile Web Applications, Template-driven Email, Social Web Apps, FAQs. Based on the feedback from the community, some new toolkits were created that are available on the new Web Application Toolkits Portal:

    • Calendars 1.0 – adding calendar functionality to your web sites;
    • Bing Maps 1.0 – full support of the Bing Maps;
    • Freemium Apps 1.0 – enabling easy transition from free to paying offers.

    Nice additions that can save you lots of time!

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