Test Case Migrator (Excel) Tool

A great new tool for VS 2010 Test Case Management environment was released on CodePlex portal. Here is a short description of functionality:

“With Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, you get the End-to-End support for dealing with Test artifacts (test cases, test steps, test results etc) when they are stored in Test Case Management (TCM)/Team Foundation Server (TFS). This allows you to reap all the benefits associated with Test Case Management (requirements traceability, test coverage, requirements coverage, test execution, test result analysis etc).
However, most of the test user base have their test artifacts in Microsoft Excel. For folks who want to move this test data into TCM server and then would want to use TCM Server/Microsoft Test and Lab Manager client going forward, the "Test Case Migrator (Excel)" tool provides you this capability.”

So now you can say goodbye to Excel based test case management….

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