MIX related Software Announcements: Silverlight, Expression Blend 3, Expression Web SuperPreview and (of course) IE8

As I can read this week was very busy in Las Vegas at the MIX conference (check out: http://live.visitmix.com/). What you need to hear about it is at least the following:

  • IE8 was released, so you can go and download the final version at www.microsoft.com/IE8;
  • Expression Blend 3 Preview is available for download. Some cool features are included such as support for Adobe file formats, Silverlight 3 support and (finally!) TFS integration, which will enable to include designers as first class citizens into the whole application development lifecycle. Read more about Expression Blend 3 here;
  • Silverlight 3 Beta is available for download! There are lots of new things included like enhancements for video streaming, new data binding features, new graphical methods and my favorite feature “Off browser support” which means Silverlight applications will now run in the desktop environment as well (and offline too!). Check out details on official Silverlight web site and download the Beta;
  • For web developers wanting quick preview of how web sites behave in different browsers there are cool things available with the new addition of Expression Web SuperPreview. Check out details here and of course download the beta of SuperPreview for Internet Explorer (other browsers will be available later) here.

I think you will be pretty busy with all these new things …

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