Another European city reveals Microsoft technology: Dublin

Microsoft really focuses on Europe with it’s technology 🙂 since a lot of codenames are named after European cities. "Dublin" is the next city in line and it reveals technology for hosting and managing workflows and services. The basis for "Dublin" technology is the fact that services deployment and maintenance can be really hard sometimes….


Microsoft’s road from Zermatt to Geneva @ PDC

I was attending a great session about (newly codenamed) Geneva platform and services. Basically it is the evolution of the so called Zermatt project you might have read about in the past. The new Geneva stuff totally blew my mind away… Imagine that you actually don’t have to worry about user identities, federation and similar…


Application Architecture Guide v 2.0 (beta 1)

I really like the Microsoft Patterns & Practices team with their guides (whole books, free to download) on how to build software solutions in a proper way. Recently (couple of days ago) they have published a new version (2.0) of the Application Architecture Guide. It is a must for all architects, development leads or SD…


Azure Services Platform and Windows Azure

As you might have read there were lots of cool announcements about Microsoft technology @ PDC conference. One of the hottest things currently is the platform that will allow us to build S+S (software + services) type of apps in the future to come. Do take 5 minutes and check out what Azure is all…


My Blog goes live!

Due to the fact that I will professionally "upgrade" my role within Microsoft in the near future (see "about" for details), which will eventually result in reaching out to different audiences in different countries in CEE I thought this would be the right time to actively start blogging as well… In fact I do tend…