Browsing in Internet Explorer via PowerShell

The purpose of this article is to share an example that I often use in my training deliveries of PowerShell.


The idea is to open the Internet Explorer, navigate to the bing page, enter a text and click in the search button.


The first step is to instantiate the COM object in Internet Explorer and store the instance of it in the variable $IE as: 
$IE= new-object -ComObject "InternetExplorer.Application"
The next step is to run the Navigate2 method of $IE variable as:
To see the available methods of the $IE variable, type the following command: 
$IE | gm 


For more details see the article: PowerShell | Objects


The following command uses a loop (While) to wait for the page to be loaded:


 while ($IE.busy) {
start-sleep -milliseconds 1000 #aguarda 1 segundo antes de continuar


The following command will make visible the IE so that the page is ready to be displayed: 




The following code is used to locate the sb_form_q element that corresponds to the bing search box:


$IE.Document.getElementById("sb_form_q").value="PowerShell Scripting Guy blog" 


For more details on how to identify what is the name of the HTML elements of a page, see the article: Internet Explorer Troubleshooting – part 1


The next step is to run the search button's Click method.




I hope you enjoyed. Until the next.

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