Interesting links about the multi-platform development

Recently a friend asked me if I had some material about the multi-platform development. That motivated me to bring together some links that I found interesting. 🙂

The first article I recommend describes how to use Visual Studio in conjunction with the XAMARIN to develop a single code that runs on multiple devices (IOS, Android and Windows Phone).

Development across multiple platforms in Visual Studio


The two following articles here describe how to use the Apache framework for cross-platform Mobile development Cordova. The development is based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Introduction to Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova

Build cross-platform applications with the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova


The following article describes how to develop .NET applications to run on any Windows device through the Universal Apps. Through a single binary is possible on any device running Microsoft.

What is a Universal Platform application (UWP)?


Already the following article shows the different platforms that Microsoft supports for the development:

Multi Platform Support

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