Talk: What’s new in VB11 (VS11 Beta)

Talk: What's new in VB11

This talk details some of what's new in VB11. (Just some: there were too many improvements to cover them all in just one talk).

Win8 support
VBCore (=> new platform support for VB on Phone, XNA, MicroFramework, Kinect, Surface...)
View Call Hierarchy
Namespace Global
AnyCpu32bitPreferred allows EnC on x64 machines
Better codespit and pretty-listing
Better performance
Better error-reporting for lambdas, and (not yet in VS11beta but will be) no more 102-error-limit for vbc/msbuild
Fixed language corners in ForEach, ReturnArrayLiterals, OptionalParameterOverloads, GenericOverloadResolution

Comments (5)

  1. jp says:

    Nice! Thanks for sharing.

  2. > no more 102-error-limit for vbc

    You have no idea how big an improvement this is

  3. @birkby: Oh boy, we've wanted this for ages. We actually removed the 102-limit in VS2010 for both IDE and command-line, but discovered late in the cycle that the IDE would grind to a halt in projects with 1000s of errors, and so yanked it. Anyway, I forgot to clarify: the 102-limit is still there in the BETA, but will be gone for vbc/msbuild once we ship.

  4. Andy says:

    It may be a little late to ask, but does the current (current ISO image link) VS2012 Express for desktop have the 102 error limit lifted in vbc? I'm STILL getting a complete stop and I need to know how many errors there are in a VB6 converted application!!!

    Hope someone monitors this ancient thread…

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