Talk: What’s new in VB10 (VS2010)

Talk: What's new in VB10 (VS2010)

This talk details the new VB language features that arrived in VS2010 --

Implicit Line Continuations -
Array Literals
Collection Initializers
Auto-implemented Properties
Multi-line Sub lambdas (which I used for Silverlight async)
XML-literals, XML-to-schema, LINQ 
[actually this was already in VS2008, but it's so good I repeated it]
Silverlight interop; responding to events
DLR silverlight interop; writing to HTML DOM
No-PIA - embedding Primary Interop Assemblies for Office interop

  • I gave this talk at PDC09 in L.A. on 2009.11.18
    • I'd just bought an old used convertible, spent two months restoring it, and for its first trip I drove down from Seattle to LA on the coastal road. This was my first ever road trip and it was fantastic! Neal Gafter put me up one night at his place San Jose, but apart from that I slept rough in a pile of leaves by the roadside each night and cooked dinner in a billy-can. I got to PDC on the morning the conference started, completely dishevelled.
    • Watch the talk online
    • Download [95k, requires VS2010]
    • Download script.txt [8k]
    • Download slides.ppt [1.8mb] - actually these are completely useless: it was a code-only talk.
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