Async CTP Refresh – Installation

Async CTP Refresh - installation

The Async CTP Refresh was announced on 13th April 2011. It includes Visual Studio 2010 SP1 compatibility, enables Windows Phone 7 development, has a new EULA with updates regarding usage in production environments, and is compatible with non-English installations of Visual Studio and with Visual Studio Express.


The Async CTP Refresh has installed cleanly for most people. But we have had reports of a few problems. Here's some trouble-shooting for the installation process.

FIRST: If you had previously installed the first Async CTP, first uninstall it before installing the Refresh.
(Uninstall may ask for your original VS2010 installation media, and will probably need a reboot).

Set aside some time. This is how long it took me with a superfast internet connection and SSD hard drive:


COMMON FIX: A fix for most installation problems is (1) uninstall Async CTP, then (2) reinstall it.

To uninstall the Async CTP:

  • Go to Start > ControlPanel > Uninstall > Updates
  • Search for all the updates with "Async" in their names
  • And uninstall them. There may be 1, 2 or 3 updates to uninstall - about 30 minutes on my machine.


A quick check that the Async CTP Refresh has installed correctly

If you suspect there's something wrong with your installation of the Async CTP, then please check the version information of these four files. (Please check all four of them, even if you're not doing C# or VB or Phone development!)

  • 1. C:\Windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework\v4.0.30319\csc.exe
  • 2. C:\Windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework\v4.0.30319\vbc.exe
  • 3. C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\msvbide.dll
  • 4. My Documents\Microsoft Visual Studio Async CTP\Samples\AsyncCtpLibrary_Phone.dll

If you see the following version numbers, then the Async CTP Refresh has been correctly installed:











Q. How to find those version numbers? A. Right-click on each file and choose Properties; the version number is in the "Details" tab.




If the version numbers are incorrect:

Here are the other version numbers you might find.











Async CTP 1





VS2010 SP1





Async CTP Refresh





Please verify that all four version numbers are correctly that of the Async CTP Refresh. If they're not, then you should uninstall+reinstall:

COMMON FIX: A fix for most installation problems is (1) uninstall Async CTP, then (2) reinstall it.

I want to stress this: you should check the version numbers of all four files. Even if you think you're not going to use C#, say, you should still check all four files including csc.exe. Any discrepancy in any of the files will indicate your machine is in an incorrect state, and you should uninstall then reinstall.


If the installer says "You need SP1" but you already have SP1

There's a bug in the Async Installer to do with Express versions of VS. The situation: if you have VS Express with SP1, and try to install the Async CTP, then it will complain that SP1 isn't installed. The workaround is to temporarily add a key to the registry. Details here:


If the "Phone" samples fail to load

If you don't have the Windows Phone Dev Tools installed, then the Phone samples will fail to load in VS.

The fix is the same as always:

Note that the order here is important! The Async CTP must be uninstalled before you do anything else. The phone tools must be installed before SP1. The Async CTP must come last.



If the "Phone" samples cause VS to crash when you try to load them

If you don't have the VB For Windows Phone installed, then the VB Phone samples will crash VS when you try to load them.

In this case you can get by with a much easier fix:



If the version numbers are CORRECT but you get errors in VS

Some users have reported that the four version numbers are all correct, but they still get squiggly underlines within Visual Studio.

This is typically due to a third-party extension which is not aware of the new async keywords.



If you still have errors

Please post a request for help in the Async Discussion Forums. We do monitor those forums frequently, and we may be able to help.

When you ask for help, PLEASE mention all four file version numbers. That will help!


PS. Many thanks to Jaap Suter for spotting a typo in the version tables.


Comments (13)

  1. zz says:

    Not sure if this right place to post this:

    You may want to double check the code examples in the new "C# Language Specification for Asynchronous Functions" document (

    All the implementation examples are using "if ($a1.IsCompleted)" but according to the specifications, it needs to reverse the check. It needs to check if IsCompleted is false i.e. "if (!$a1.IsCompleted)" .

  2. Thanks, zz. I also passed your comment on to Mads, the C# spec owner. We'll fix up the downloadable specs for C# and VB (both of which have similar mistakes). And tomorrow morning I'll write a blog post that goes in depth into the new await pattern — what it is, and why.

  3. The Update VS10-KB0000001.msp fails to install, so the async keyword doesn't work. I'm using VS2010 Sp1 ENU. The .Net 4 Update installs fine and the compiler is updated.

  4. the strange thing is the log says all is ok:

    VS10-KB0000001.msp is now available to install

    [4/29/2011, 17:53:51]Creating new Performer for Patches item

    [4/29/2011, 17:53:51] Entering Function: BaseMspInstallerT >::PerformAction…

    [4/29/2011, 17:53:51] Action: Performing Install on MSP: e:7476ce65b9b93447f7e0007f6c56e44VS10-KB0000001.msp targetting Product: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate – ENU…

    [4/29/2011, 17:53:51]Successfully called MsiEnableLog with log file set to C:UsersAndreAppDataLocalTempMicrosoft Visual Studio Async CTP (SP1 Refresh)_20110429_174926026-Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate – ENU-MSP0.txt

    [4/29/2011, 17:53:51]Log File C:UsersAndreAppDataLocalTempMicrosoft Visual Studio Async CTP (SP1 Refresh)_20110429_174926026-Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate – ENU-MSP0.txt does not yet exist but may do at Watson upload time

    [4/29/2011, 17:53:51]about to call MsiInstallProduct with PATCH="e:7476ce65b9b93447f7e0007f6c56e44VS10-KB0000001.msp" on product {BC0464FA-A0BA-3E38-85BF-DC5B3A401F48}(C:WindowsInstaller45a5e4.msi) to install patches.

    [4/29/2011, 17:55:55]Patch (e:7476ce65b9b93447f7e0007f6c56e44VS10-KB0000001.msp) Install succeeded on product (Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate – ENU). Msi Log:

    [4/29/2011, 17:55:55]MSI returned 0x0: no error

    [4/29/2011, 17:55:55] Action

    [4/29/2011, 17:55:55]PerformMsiOperation returned 0x0

    [4/29/2011, 17:55:55] exiting function/method

    [4/29/2011, 17:55:55] PerformMsiOperation returned 0x0

    but nothing happens. No files/samples/docs are installed.

  5. Jordi Castells says:

    I have de same problem that Andre.Ziegler

  6. @Jordi Castells

    remove all VS2010 updates and hotfixes. Next reinstall Async and install the updates again. Now it works.

  7. Glad do know you got it working.

  8. JimW says:

    Removing the VS2010 updates worked for me.  Before it would say it completed but nothing in My Documents

  9. darkstar3d says:

    Removing the updates seems odd. Had to do the same for Silverlight 4 dev tools and this cuts into time that could be better spent elsewhere, since the VS2010 install/uninstall process seems the slowest out of any software I've used. This is on a i7-980 with 24GB running on SSDs.

  10. what's new in Async CTP V3? Can we install it top of the Refresh?

  11. Yes, V3 can be installed on top of the Refresh.

    V3 contains only a single bugfix (where the VB IDE would crash randomly).

  12. 1 question. After uninstalling v3 I still have a Async entry in program&features and I can't remove this ("The patch is not applied to this product.").

  13. Hossam Ahmed says:

    don't waste your time by finding the three "or four" incompatible updates.

    just do the four steps below:

    1.Windows Updates > Turn it off.

    2.Async CTP v3 > uninstall it "if present".

    3.VS 2010 SP1 > Uninstall and re-install it again.

    4.Async CTP v3 > install it.

    this may takes 1 hour.. instead of 5 hours trying to install/uninstall Async CTP with many restarts. :/

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