I’m a VB at PDC

Hello from PDC!


The VB session was here: http://microsoftpdc.com/Sessions/FT32 - I'll post the code from it shortly, and let you know when the video goes live. The talk covered many of the new features in VB10, and showed a Silverlight4 application written in VB which fetched Twitter feeds...

gduncan411 (Greg Duncan): #vb10 Rocks!  🙂
jwk4946 (Jeff Keys): #vb10 rocks #pdc09
BenRoy (Ben Roy) - Twitter is hot at #pdc09. This sesion using #vb10 to pull stuff into Silverlight
jimseiwert (Jim Seiwert): Death to the underscore #vb10 #pdc09
itrainulearn (ITrain (Malaysia)): wassap #vb10 looking good #pdc09
athman20 (athman): :)???? anything new?

I have a limited number of "IM A VB" nametapes left over, as pictured above -- if you'd like one, email me (lwischik@microsoft.com) and tell me your address and if I still have any left then I'll post one over. They look cool on army surplus shirts!

It was good to meet Miguel (of Mono fame) in person. I've personally been experimenting with Mono at home for a while. I was abashed to realize that the Mono I'd been experimenting with was about two years old now, which could explain a lot of its quirks! Anyway, I told him what I tell everyone: do feel free to email me whenever you have questions about the VB specification or compiler.

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