The limitations of Reflection.Emit

Question: Is Reflection.Emit a comprehensive API that lets you build any assembly you want? Answer: No. There are some things that are valid IL, and yet can’t be built with Reflection.Emit. Thanks to Eric Lippert for showing me the following example. Why do we care about this? Partly it’s just curiosity. Partly it’s because we’re…


I’m a VB at PDC

Hello from PDC!   The VB session was here: – I’ll post the code from it shortly, and let you know when the video goes live. The talk covered many of the new features in VB10, and showed a Silverlight4 application written in VB which fetched Twitter feeds… gduncan411 (Greg Duncan): #vb10 Rocks!  🙂jwk4946…


I’m a VB

Check out the license plates on my new motorcycle!


Web-scraping with VB’s XML support

There was an interesting article about using VB’s XML support for generating HTML: I’ve been using VB and XML for the reverse purpose — scraping web pages to retreive information. I enjoy sailing, and I wanted to find historical data on windspeeds to know when would be the best time of year to set out on…