Hello! I'm starting this blog as a way to communicate with VB users -- to hear what you want, to answer what questions I can, and to share my ideas about things the language could include in the future.

I've recently become the Visual Basic specification lead, taking over this role from Paul Vick. He did a great job, and I'm happy that he'll continue as "VB Language Designer Emeritus". Since joining the VB compiler team a year ago I've worked on new features for Visual Studio 2010 relating to type inference, lambdas and generic covariance. In my four years at Microsoft I've also worked on the Robotics SDK and concurrency, and published several academic papers on the subject. Before Microsoft I did my PhD in concurrency theory at the University of Cambridge with Philippa Gardner, and worked as a researcher at Bologna University in Italy with Cosimo Laneve. Despite this theoretical slant, I'm most at home when writing practical code.

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