LAgent : an agent framework in F# – Part I – Workers and ParallelWorkers

Download framework here. All posts are here: Part I – Workers and ParallelWorkers Part II – Agents and control messages Part III – Default error management Part IV – Custom error management Part V – Timeout management Part VI – Hot swapping of code Part VII – An auction framework Part VIII – Implementing MapReduce…


Luke talks about F# on Channel9

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An Async Html cache – part II – Testing the cache

Other posts: Part I – Writing the cache Let’s try out our little cache. First I want to write a synchronous version of it as a baseline. Private Shared Sub TestSync(ByVal sites() As String, ByVal sitesToDownload As Integer, ByVal howLong As Integer) Dim syncCache As New Dictionary(Of String, String) Dim count = sites.Count() Dim url1…