More Multi-touch from Jeff Han

Checkout Jeff’s multi-touch large screen demo showed at TED 2007. He has a new company called Perceptive Pixel, a spin-off from his research at NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.     (source: information aesthetics)   simply amazing.

More from TechFest 2007

This year, Microsoft decided to open up this internal only event to close partners and community influencers to share what Microsoft Research has got cooking in their research facilities in Redmond, Cambridge, India and China. Engadget has a nice post on some of the technologies that were showcased at the event with lots of pictures….


Microsoft Research TechFest 2007 Keynote

Checkout the TechFest 2007 keynote that was delivered today and look at the super-cool demos and research technologies we’re working on in Microsoft Research. Nothing get’s me this charged up as much when seeing all the amazing things that these guys are doing. Can’t wait to attend the actual event tomorrow. Direct links are…

Can you FaThumb the impact of this technology?

FaThumb (pronounced “fathom”) is a research project within the V.I.B.E. (Visualization and Interaction for Business and Entertainment) group in Microsoft Research that is designed to be a revolutionary interface for navigating through large amounts of data. I first saw this technology a while ago during 2006’s TechFest (Microsoft Research’s Internal research project showcase). Watch the…