GoMaps Indoor Navigation

This has always been a problem for Microsoft (or any big company). we have so many buildings and rooms in our campus, sometimes it’s a chore to locate a meeting room or a person you’d like to meet. We have to work in 10-15mins of travel time before and after meetings just to ensure we…


Imagination wins National Multimedia Award for Incredible Machine

Working together with Sam Gazitt, we created a project called Incredible Machine for Maker Faire in May this year. Recently, our partner (Imagination) won the National Multimedia Awards 2008 held in Austria for their innovation under the “culture, entertainment and games” category. This multiuser game puts the focus on Windows Mobile smartphones. Using them as…


Signpost at TechEd 2007 Orlando

Checkout the new screenshots of Signpost 2007 that attendees will be able to download and use starting tomorrow at TechEd 2007 in Orlando. Here’s a link to the site with all the new details: http://studierstube.icg.tu-graz.ac.at/handheld_ar/signpost2007.php The schedule now syncs with the CommNet system to get updates and changes via RSS.   New Schedule screen with…


Microsoft Surface

I’m a little late with this news but this is very cool. Finally we get to see all these different technologies put into good use and into a product. The hardest part about Research Technology is trying to commercialize it. I think this team did a good job. Took them 6 years though. Multi-touch, Object…


DirectShow compatible camera modes

During our work on Signpost 2007 for MEDC, Daniel Wagner, the developer, has encountered numerous compatibility issues when using DirectShow to enable the camera to stream live video modes. He’s created a chart with over 18 devices that we’ve tested the application on and the issues with regards to querying DirectShow for video modes. In…


Signpost 2007 now released to the wild

Graz has now posted the Signpost 2007 application that they built for MEDC 2007 online at their website. Download and try it now. Obviously you won’t be able to participate unless you’re in MEDC right now, but try it anyway. http://studierstube.icg.tu-graz.ac.at/handheld_ar/medc.php Unfortunately you won’t be able to experience the full application especially the part with…


Video about Signpost at MEDC 2007

Daniel and I got podcasted today at MEDC 2007 and were asked to talk about Signpost 2007. checkout the video here:   You can find out more about Augmented Reality and the technology behind it at : http://studierstube.icg.tu-graz.ac.at/handheld_ar/  


A Wickedly Cool Conference Application

We’ve been working on an application for a few months now that a lot of you have asked for when attending Microsoft Technical Conferences. The most common request is the ability to have a conference guide on your Windows Mobile device that saves you time and hassle of having to carry around a cumbersome printed…


ZenZui Launched

As reported in TechCrunch, ZenZui just launched and is aimed at providing a more prominent way of marketing applications via devices (“getting on the deck”). Here’s a snippet from TechCrunch’s post: ZenZui’s zooming user interface was initially developed by Microsoft’s Redmond Research lab, and was spun off into it’s own company. In partnership with Microsoft IP…


Mobile Penpals for Emerging Markets

Was reading an excellent article on Open Gardens about Mobile Penpals by Stanford’s RDVP program and frankly, this is a relatively simple concept to implement in any Emerging Market. Not only are phone pervasive they’re also very personal, linking an individual with the “network” in ways that a computer might never be able to. You’ll…