Wow. and I’m still here. You know when folks come up to me and ask me how are things in my part of the world, I find myself saying “great! I’m still surviving.”. It’s funny how I’ve transitioned from “Awesome! just great” or “Fantastic” to “Still surviving”. I guess all the changes within the company…


First-Person Makerbot CNC Unboxing Video

Got my Makerbot a week ago and filmed the whole unboxing thing using my ContourHD Helmetcam. It’s featured on Makerbot.com’s Blog. I recorded this in the middle  of the night so apologies for the volume, I had to speak softly so I don’t wake my kids.


Stylus be gone!

This is how I roll these days. In order to ensure I do my part to make our products better, I’ve decided to toss out my stylus and survive on using my finger. That way, i) I won’t get confused anymore which I should be using, and ii) I feel every little nuance of using…


Follow me if you will…

Sounds like a really old shampoo commerical. 🙂 Yes I haven’t been blogging at all, there were too many other distractions. I’ve been mucking around with more and more social networks/interactions these days that blogging seems more of a chore. Anyway, if you’re interested, follow me using these services, take your pick 😉 Facebook Twitter Plurk…


Chicken Chicken

Just got sent this link and I thought it was HILARIOUS. Watch this amazing presentation by Doug Zongker from UW. Don’t forget to stay till the end, best backup slide ever!    


Happy Chinese New Year!

Wow! One year can go by so quickly. If you don’t know what the New Year means to the Chinese people, here’s a great Wikipedia entry that explains almost everything you need to know: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_New_Year This year is the year of the Rat and is welcomed as a bringer of material prosperity and a protector….


What’s in your Pocket? (PC)

After switching to the new awesome Blackjack II recently, I took the opportunity to clean up my list of useful applications. I never realized that I had SO MUCH CRAP on my phone. So after moving my Micro SD card over with my personal data and reinstalling “mission critical” 🙂 apps, here’s what I have…


Wii-ed at last

So how many of you have one? After a year, I managed to get one from a local Fred Meyer who had it tucked away in the back of the counter. I asked them why they had never put it out for display and the store manager answered “It never last long enough for us…


Ok everybody, say it with me…

LINQ is not pronounced “Link-You” just as FAQ is not pronounced ….   (saw this on a friend’s status message)


Thanks to Stomach Flu

I made it to 36. For the past few days, I’ve been suffering the ill effects of having stomach flu. My daughter brought it back from school and it has been doing it’s rounds in my family except for my wife. For those of you who have felt this, it’s one of the most uncomfortable…