On a lighter note: Fun with EULAs

Just installed Hubdog, a cool RSS reader with podcasting support. Thanks to our “friend” at msmobiles. Had a slight problem installing it, as it got stuck at the EULA screen for a while and wouldn’t let me go “Next” because it kept on saying I need to accept the EULA before I proceed. I couldn’t find the…


Something light for the long Weekend

Chris Pirillo is funny. Some say he’s weird, but his comics are entertaining. Really. Love this one about Cell Phones. http://blaugh.com/2006/08/30/cell-phone-overkill/   how true.  

Too Funny

Watch this. Another one of those funny videos that wouldn’t be funny if it weren’t so bloody true. Here’s one about making international calls and what the experience is like especially for our company as we do a ton of these calls every week. The only thing missing? are the Stealth Joiners who were late…

Busted on Stage

Thanks Mel for sending me this link. My moment was a few years back, I was demonstrating Visual Studio and Web Services to a CTO and his team of architects and developers of a large manufacturing company, when an old friend of mine sent me a message and the Messenger window popped up with this message:…