Do you have a fantasy application? we do!

Have you ever thought about a cool mobile application? Have you wished that your phone was a phaser? maybe a visual caloric recognizer? or even a Universal Translator? At SXSW Interactive, The Internet Geek Girl will be conducting video interviews with nine famous bloggers to find out what their fantasy app looks like and share…

The O Fone is REAL!

I’m not kidding!! We made this parody for the MEDC 2007 keynote 1.5 years ago:   And now Motorola just announced the availability of their new phone called the AURA with circular screen! This is just hilarious!   it’s PRICY though at 2k a pop and it doesn’t run Windows Mobile.. oh well.



Chicken Chicken

Just got sent this link and I thought it was HILARIOUS. Watch this amazing presentation by Doug Zongker from UW. Don’t forget to stay till the end, best backup slide ever!    



haha I can’t believe it. Someone is doing it. Woot! Kudos to Toshiba. Derek will be so happy. Not sure why? checkout this vid:    


Funny Windows Mobile Parody on WMExperts

The guys at have created a funny parody of the iPhone commercials. Check it out:   Hilarious. Here’s the link to the full post and Original How-To get YouTube on Windows Mobile post : YouTube on Windows Mobile- Parody time    


OFONE Video Leaked

Check it out! Someone is not gonna have a good day today.. but for the rest of you, enjoy 🙂   Please bear in mind, this is a SPOOF.


OFONE Spoof covered on Seattle PI

Didn’t want to post anything about this during the keynote but now since Seattle PI posted this on their blog, go ahead and read it:  totally hilarious, hope we can post the video on youtube soon.