Want free games for Windows Mobile?

The Windows Mobile Developer Team is giving away free games to some cool WM games over at their Twitter account. Follow them here : http://www.twitter.com/wmdev Some games that they’re giving away are Guitar Hero 3, Texas Hold’em and more. here are the instructions once you get your code: http://www.winplay.com/onetimecoupons.php


Imagination wins National Multimedia Award for Incredible Machine

Working together with Sam Gazitt, we created a project called Incredible Machine for Maker Faire in May this year. Recently, our partner (Imagination) won the National Multimedia Awards 2008 held in Austria for their innovation under the “culture, entertainment and games” category. This multiuser game puts the focus on Windows Mobile smartphones. Using them as…


Time to get iDrunk

The guys at XDA-Developers will not take this lying down. the iPhone has this funny app called the iBeer, which simulates, well.. beer and the act of drinking it. Silly i know but some people love it. here’s one for the HTC Touch Diamond. : http://snurl.com/3c5ex  [pic from http://wmpoweruser.com/?p=581] now someone needs to make the…


Leisure Suit Larry is BACK!

ZOMG! this game brought me through puberty 😉 I spent so much time playing the entire Leisure Suit Larry series starting with the Land of the Lounge Lizards and Love for Sail. You guys remember how you get caught by police if you forget to type “remove condom” ? hahahah Now Magmic games is bringing…


Interested in Fantasy Baseball?

Checkout the Fantasy Baseball client that the MSN team built for Windows Mobile that connects to the Fox Fantasy Baseball game.     Download it here : http://prb.msn.com/download.aspx


Guitar Zero

Ok this isn’t a mobile post but I’m such a fan of Guitar Hero that I just had to do it. One of our device MVPs, Peter Nowak sent this link along to me today. Built using XNA 🙂 Gotta have it. there are more songs in the Forums too.


Build a game using Popfly!

  This is so cool! albeit a little simple. Go build your game on Silverlight now. http://www.popfly.com/gamecreator  Watch the Channel 9 video here: https://channel9.msdn.com/Showpost.aspx?postid=401969


World Poker Tour®: Texas Hold ‘Em 2 just launched at http://winplay.com

I’m not much of a poker fan but this game looks pretty good. You can play online live with other players which is gonna be sweet! It’s cheap too, only $3.99. I know a couple of friends that’ll be pretty stoked about this game. Go get it already and come play with me! : http://www.winplay.com/game/WorldPokerTourTexasHoldem2


Guitar Hero 3 for Windows Mobile.. Coming soon!

A little bird told me that it should be launched by Magmic games in about 24 hours 🙂 For those of you who know me, I love this game! Thank’s to Magmic games, this will be my next time waster. Woot! Watch this link : http://www.winplay.com/game/GuitarHeroMobile


New MSDN Mobility Center

The MSDN Mobility Center at http://msdn.microsoft.com/windowsmobile just got a facelift! we have completely redesigned the page to feature the four main mobile application development concepts: Smart Devices Mobile Web Games Rich Internet Apps The last section is yet unfinished so stay tuned to any updates. In addition to targeted content, the Windows Mobile Developer Center…