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Mobility Metro Training done in Xiamen, China

Got this email update from our colleagues in China. They’re doing an amazing job at providing indepth mobile development training that no other platform can provide, not the iPhone, not Nokia and definitely not RIM. If you’re an enterprise and serious about Mobility, this is the way to go. 21 people from 14 partners attended…


Windows Mobile Fire Starter Event

Got this email today: Did you know that 5 of the 10 top selling ‘Smart Phones’ run on Windows Mobile? and, If you always wondered who wrote ‘Bubble breaker’ on the Windows Mobile phone and wanted to write similar applications that get used by Millions of people around the world then this Mobility Fire Starter…


More Mobility Metro events

Here are the other events that are happening in the US. Click on the link to register.   City Date Capacity Days San Diego 04/22/2008 50 1 Dallas 04/29/2008 20 3 Austin 05/07/2008 60 1 Chicago* 05/12/2008 20 3 Redmond 05/13/2008 100 1 Memphis 05/13/2008 25 3 Houston 05/20/2008 15 3 Mountain View 05/21/2008 50…


Mobility Metro Houston Sign-up now!

Mobility Metro- Developing on Windows Mobile Houston, May 20th – 22nd Mobility Metro is a 3 day hands-on lab that covers the detailed points about building applications on the Windows Mobile platform. It covers tools such as Visual Studio 2008, the .NET Compact Framework, SQL Server Compact Edition and more. Here are the seven areas…


More Silverlight for Mobile videos

(L-R: Giorgio, Me and Dale Coffing) Giorgio Sardo was one of the top presenters at MIX2008 and he delivered a session on Designing Silverlight UI for Mobile devices. Checkout his blog here :


Rare video footage of the Windows Mobility Smackdown!

It’s not everyday you get to see a cool session at a Technical event, but every 6 months we run an internal Microsoft technical readiness event for our technical folks in the field called TechReady. We’ve been running this event for 3 years and at every TechReady, we run one of the most anticipated and…


My Panel discussion at MIX08

Here’s the audio recording for the “I wanna go mobile” panel at MIX08 few days ago. weird listening to your own voice. I can never get over it. 🙂


Silverlight Mobile at MIX08

Checkout these videos of the Silverlight mobile demos that were shown at the MIX08 keynote just this last week. MIXr  Mobile Social Networking with Silverlight 2   WeatherBug  Weather Beyond the Browser with WeatherBug


Silverlight on Windows Mobile AND Nokia :)

   Gosh, never thought that i’d ever be able to post those two logos side by side. 🙂 That’s right. After a lot of hard work, not only are we announcing that we have Silverlight on Mobile devices now, but we’re announcing that Microsoft and Nokia are working together to provide Silverlight on S60, S40…