Seattle Mini-Maker Faire is coming up!

For those who are in the Seattle or PNW area, and if you’re a geek who loves robots or just tinkering with electronics and stuff, don’t miss this event. we’ll be there en-force with all our robots. Come over to our booth and say hi!  

Windows Phone Camp in Tampa Bay, Dec 5th

It’s official – Windows Phone Camp is happening in Tampa, FL on December 5th 2009 !!! The event will be similar to a CodeCamp, not BarCamp style event. There will be a schedule with tracks, topics and speakers. Also with enough interest – even OpenSpace/Collaboration area and a Consumer track were attendees can learn and…

Mobile Incubation Week announced

Brian Hoskins from our Emerging Business Team just announced the birth of the Incubation Week for mobile development companies. This is a week long, deep dive, hands on, fully assisted workshop to help startup companies get started in building applications for Windows Mobile for distribution. checkout their blog here :


League of Extraordinary Developers Challenge 2008 (LED Challenge)

If you’re a mobile developer in Malaysia, check this activity out: Dear all, You are exclusively invited to attend our program briefing for The League of Extraordinary Developers Challenge 2008 (LED Challenge) which will take place next week, from Monday to Thursday (22nd to 25th September 2008) afternoon. During this event, you will learn about…


Going to PDC? don’t miss this Pre-conference

Doug Boling and Jim Wilson are our mobile development rockstars and they’ll be at PDC 2008 this year delivering the one day pre-conference called "Windows Mobile Development in Depth". if you’re going to PDC 2008, you won’t wanna miss this. I believe they have a special if you register early: Windows Mobile® Development In-Depth Presenter(s):…


Out making Silverlight shine!

Went to TechEd SEA 2008 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last week and got interviewed by a couple of journalists. Know them for many years and was very delighted to see them. This time round they asked about Silverlight for Mobile and what it’s all about. here’s one of the news pieces that was written by…


Mobility Workshop in Malaysia done!

Thanks to Yu Tsing & Poh Sze from Malaysia, they completed a series of Mobility Workshops in three states recently and got great results. They ran over 15 workshops in these three states (Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Sabah) covering over 534 developers and 138 students. here are some pics :


Mobility Training in Vietnam

Hai Le Thanh from Vietnam, recently conducted a Windows Mobile training for their local developer community. It’s great to see these activities being run all over the world. Visit this site for more pics : if you want to run something similar in your area or local community, let me know. email link is…


PDC website is LIVE!

The website for what is considered, the “Mecca for Developers” is open.     Register now! you know you want to!! let me know if you do, I’ll organize a party!


Enable Remote Debugging on NETCF apps

Thanks to Jon Box for figuring out this problem that we encountered during our workshop in Memphis. Users have a problem trying to attach the remote debugger to a running process. David Kline has published a work-around a while ago and it still applies to Visual Studio 2008. Read the full fix instructions here : …