Seattle Mini-Maker Faire is coming up!

For those who are in the Seattle or PNW area, and if you’re a geek who loves robots or just tinkering with electronics and stuff, don’t miss this event. we’ll be there en-force with all our robots. Come over to our booth and say hi!  


Wow. and I’m still here. You know when folks come up to me and ask me how are things in my part of the world, I find myself saying “great! I’m still surviving.”. It’s funny how I’ve transitioned from “Awesome! just great” or “Fantastic” to “Still surviving”. I guess all the changes within the company…


First-Person Makerbot CNC Unboxing Video

Got my Makerbot a week ago and filmed the whole unboxing thing using my ContourHD Helmetcam. It’s featured on’s Blog. I recorded this in the middle  of the night so apologies for the volume, I had to speak softly so I don’t wake my kids.


Why I’m feeling good about Bing

I know I work for Microsoft, so I might be biased, but please tell me how Google search is better in this one specific case? Google’s seem to have more ads! while Bing’s has the useful left nav bar and the easy math that they’ve already done to remind my family that they have 6…


Omniano “The Band” for" Windows Mobile

Ever wished you could use your mobile device to play musical instruments? Check it out! it’s a Piano, a Flute and a Drum Kit all in one app. Watch the video demo here :   Someone named Sheon from Korea made this and released it on his blog. Make sure you download and install v1…


Twikini 1.0 released, now with special pricing for starving bloggers!

CJ just pinged me to let me know Twikini has hit v1.0 and it’s final. Woohoo! here are the new updates in v1. Official version 1.0 (May 20, 2009) New: Added Public timeline. Now you can read tweets from total strangers! New: Fast account switching – now you can quickly switch between multiple Twitter accounts…


Smackdown Setlist

Thanks everyone for coming to the Smackdown at TechEd 2009 today. as promised, here’s the list of applications that we showed off. Live Mesh Kinoma Spb Mobile Shell 3.0 Spb TV Fart Machine Eduify Facebook Mobile Mobile Manager for Netflix Dasher Pocketwit Internet Explorer Mobile (not available for download) Fake Call Ride Charge MyPhone ZeeMote…


Text Input with one finger and no clicking : Dasher

This came though a Facebook post by Vittorio Bertocci and it’s fascinating! it’s a form of typing without having to click or type anything using just one finger. You navigate through “books” of letters in sequence allow you to write a sentence by navigating through letters. checkout the video here :     Read up…

Stylus be gone!

This is how I roll these days. In order to ensure I do my part to make our products better, I’ve decided to toss out my stylus and survive on using my finger. That way, i) I won’t get confused anymore which I should be using, and ii) I feel every little nuance of using…


Pick a fantasy app and win a Fuze

The Internet Geek Girl is running a quick voting exercise around the Fantasy Apps activity at #SXSW recently. Go over to her blog to find out more details and vote away. You might just win an AT&T Fuze device.