E-Wallet from Ilium Software upgraded to 7.0

Just got a mail from Ilium about this new upgrade to their very powerful wallet software. One big feature they’ve improved is the overall sync experience between the device experience and the full desktop experience.     checkout their website here : http://www.iliumsoft.com/site/ew/ew_70.php


Windows Phone Camp in Tampa Bay, Dec 5th

It’s official – Windows Phone Camp is happening in Tampa, FL on December 5th 2009 !!! The event will be similar to a CodeCamp, not BarCamp style event. There will be a schedule with tracks, topics and speakers. Also with enough interest – even OpenSpace/Collaboration area and a Consumer track were attendees can learn and…


Are you a dev in UK? Samsung Application Store wants your app! They’re giving a device for free for it!

Got this from Samsung today : To celebrate our first anniversary, Samsung Application Store has extended an invitation to our developers who are located in either France or the UK, and primarily develop on the Windows Mobile platform. This is a great way to start developing on Windows Mobile 6.5 with a brand new target…


Clarification: Submitting Apps to additional regions through Marketplace

We presented a session at TechEd Australia yesterday about Windows Marketplace for Mobile and we took many questions from all the interested developers in the audience. One of the questions was about the cost for submitting your application for sale in additional countries. Here’s the answer we gave : We said that the first $99…


GoMaps Indoor Navigation

This has always been a problem for Microsoft (or any big company). we have so many buildings and rooms in our campus, sometimes it’s a chore to locate a meeting room or a person you’d like to meet. We have to work in 10-15mins of travel time before and after meetings just to ensure we…


The Race is On!

We’re launching the Windows Marketplace for Mobile’s Challenge today, it’s called Race-To-Market for a reason. This is the first time we’re launching a huge application marketplace for our mobile users and getting in now is like selling your products in a brand new mall with millions of users waiting in line to come in and…


Marketplace will be available on WM6.0 and WM6.1 devices :)

I’m sure you’ve heard about the announcements we made today, if not, here’s a summary : Application Submission Opens on July 27th: Windows Marketplace will open for application submissions from 29 supported countries July 27th. Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 Support: Windows Marketplace will be available for Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 by the end…


Omniano “The Band” for" Windows Mobile

Ever wished you could use your mobile device to play musical instruments? Check it out! it’s a Piano, a Flute and a Drum Kit all in one app. Watch the video demo here :   Someone named Sheon from Korea made this and released it on his blog. Make sure you download and install v1…


Kinoma Releases new update with Social features

adding support for Twitter and Facebook status update support. Checkout the new list of features :   Cross-social sharing – Kinoma Play’s unique approach to supporting social media services and social networks breaks down the barriers between them and is key to its “share everything with everybody” approach. Users can share YouTube videos on Facebook,…


Twikini 1.0 released, now with special pricing for starving bloggers!

CJ just pinged me to let me know Twikini has hit v1.0 and it’s final. Woohoo! here are the new updates in v1. Official version 1.0 (May 20, 2009) New: Added Public timeline. Now you can read tweets from total strangers! New: Fast account switching – now you can quickly switch between multiple Twitter accounts…