Full list of Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrades

My buddy Raleigh Paenitz, whom you’ve might have met at our numerous conferences (he manages the device bar), put together a complete list of Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrades / updates that are available todate. here’s the list:   · AT&T Blackjack II · AT&T Pantech Duo · AT&T Motorola Q9h · AT&T Tilt · HTC…


Samsung Blackjack II WM6.1 Update available. Official!

get it now. http://www.samsung.com/us/i617/windowsupgrade/ Windows Vista Instructions: http://ars.samsung.com/customer/usa/jsp/faqs/faqs_view.jsp?SITE_ID=22&PG_ID=557&PROD_SUB_ID=558&PROD_ID=957&AT_ID=132707 Windows XP Instructions: http://ars.samsung.com/customer/usa/jsp/faqs/faqs_view.jsp?SITE_ID=22&PG_ID=557&PROD_SUB_ID=558&PROD_ID=957&AT_ID=132706 make sure you READ all the steps and follow it to the “T”.  *UPDATE*. oh and guess what. they brought this back!   A BIG THANK YOU AT&T!!        


Samsung Omnia Upgrade Available

Thanks to Jason, i’m upgrading my Omnia to the new version now. If you have one, get it from here: http://www.samsungmobile.com/promotion/omnia/index.jsp   for both XP and Vista 🙂