Twikini 1.0 released, now with special pricing for starving bloggers!

CJ just pinged me to let me know Twikini has hit v1.0 and it’s final. Woohoo! here are the new updates in v1. Official version 1.0 (May 20, 2009) New: Added Public timeline. Now you can read tweets from total strangers! New: Fast account switching – now you can quickly switch between multiple Twitter accounts…


Twikini – Latest Twitter app for Windows Mobile

Adding a another twitter app to my Top 5 list. #7: Twikini ( CJ from Trinketsoftware is a master developer. he churns out apps amazingly quick and his latest is Twikini. it’s a very lightweight, simple, yet powerful twitter application for Windows Mobile devices. checkout screens here :


Top 5 Windows Mobile Twitter Apps

Actually there are only five that I know off (so they’re all top!) and one homescreen plugin, but I thought the title makes it sound nice 😉 #1: TinyTwitter ( Features: Very functional, GPS,  quick. #2: Pocketwit (   Features: Very pretty, GPS, Maps support, URL shortening, twitpic, search.twitter, themes #3: Twobile (   Features:…