First-Person Makerbot CNC Unboxing Video

Got my Makerbot a week ago and filmed the whole unboxing thing using my ContourHD Helmetcam. It’s featured on’s Blog.

I recorded this in the middle  of the night so apologies for the volume, I had to speak softly so I don’t wake my kids.

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  1. Robert (netherlands) says:

    Hey Loke Uei Tan!

    Already building the CNC Makerbot?

    I hope you post a nother video… "The making of" I am wondering of the Makerbot comes with the printingsoftware? So you can export any cad/solidworks file to it.

    Good luck with building the machine!

    Greetz from Holland


  2. Loke Uei says:

    Hey Robert

    the Makerbot is done! 🙂 works pretty well too. Makerbot uses a variety of software that you can download, namely:

    – Blender for 3D authoring / conversion

    – Skeinforge for creating layers and gcode

    – Arduino for updating makerbot firmware

    – ReplicatorG for sending gcode instructions to makerbot to print.

    you can get them here :

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