Why I’m feeling good about Bing

I know I work for Microsoft, so I might be biased, but please tell me how Google search is better in this one specific case?


Google’s seem to have more ads! while Bing’s has the useful left nav bar and the easy math that they’ve already done to remind my family that they have 6 days to get me presents 😉

there are others features that are unique that you can see here : http://www.decisionengine.com/Default.html


So what do you think?

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  1. m.schmidler says:

    Absolutely, Bing seems quite good. I compared several times with Google´s results (also with the blind-search thing). While Google has still got the better results in general, in some cases it´s Bing that helped me. But I still see a problem with Microsoft advertising it a decision-engine when the main features, which are only available in the US at the moment, are not ready in other countries. I hope this will change soon and I´m quite sure that it gets 15-20% of the search market…hopefully ^^

  2. Jeremy says:

    I agree however, I can’t sort or filter by any type of time. Last 30 days, today, last year…

    This makes me use google for alot of stuff where I need a solution related to Windows 7 vs Windows Vista or I need something thats come out this month and the solution should have come out this month.

  3. Vyacheslav Lanovets says:

    Hi, look at this link:


    Bing produces absolutely irrelevant results anywere besides US.

  4. Craig S says:

    Hey, maybe I want those ads so I can buy a father’s day present!

    I kid, Bing is great

  5. K159 says:

    @Vyacheslav Lanovets:

    It looks like when searching for c# you’re primarily interested in the programming language. The Bing result pages for most European languages show programming language related links.

    This could be a bug in Russian Bing or for a majority of Russians c# has a different meaning than programming language and they would deem such results as irrelevant.

    http://www.bing.com/search?q=%2bc%23&setmkt=ru-RU&setlang=en_us will do the trick for you

  6. Honestly, it’s trite, and possibly ignorant, but I just don’t like the logo/image that drapes across the screen.  It’s unsightly, and I have OCD


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