Official Facebook App for Windows Mobile

Now available! Go download it quick!


Direct Link :


Facebook screenshotFacebook screenshot

Facebook screenshotFacebook screenshot

Comments (6)

  1. vroooooom says:

    Is this for Pocket PC or Smartphone version?

  2. Here’s a cool Facebook app for Windows Mobile that’s finally been released. Been using this internally

  3. LK says:

    Was really looking forward to this app, but I’m a little disappointed. I can see news feeds and status updates, but I don’t see any comments people post and I can’t post a comment myself.  That’s a big part of the whole FB social networking thing.  Is it there and I’m just not seeing it?

  4. The interface is subpar compared to the iphone version

  5. The success of an artist now rests on building strong relationships with fans. The app suggests a greater ratio of activity, compared to Facebook's platform. Let's see what it delivers. There's more info here:

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