Kinoma Releases new update with Social features

adding support for Twitter and Facebook status update support. Checkout the new list of features :   Cross-social sharing – Kinoma Play’s unique approach to supporting social media services and social networks breaks down the barriers between them and is key to its “share everything with everybody” approach. Users can share YouTube videos on Facebook,…


Twikini 1.0 released, now with special pricing for starving bloggers!

CJ just pinged me to let me know Twikini has hit v1.0 and it’s final. Woohoo! here are the new updates in v1. Official version 1.0 (May 20, 2009) New: Added Public timeline. Now you can read tweets from total strangers! New: Fast account switching – now you can quickly switch between multiple Twitter accounts…


Smackdown Setlist

Thanks everyone for coming to the Smackdown at TechEd 2009 today. as promised, here’s the list of applications that we showed off. Live Mesh Kinoma Spb Mobile Shell 3.0 Spb TV Fart Machine Eduify Facebook Mobile Mobile Manager for Netflix Dasher Pocketwit Internet Explorer Mobile (not available for download) Fake Call Ride Charge MyPhone ZeeMote…


Official Facebook App for Windows Mobile

Now available! Go download it quick!   Direct Link :