Tag Me

Point your phones to http://gettag.mobi and download the client. then tag away! you can always make new tags for yourself and share it with everyone. Use tags for products, pages, URLs etc.


here’s a Tag that leads your mobile browser to my Twitter account:


It’s a simple way for your to create new “barcodes” for your own use.

Comments (2)

  1. Ross says:

    Is the tag generation available as a service so that it can be integrated into apps with dynamic tags, or must someone use the web-app where they have to manually define the tag details?

  2. Daniel Siegl says:

    this is absolutly fantastic – it even works from the screen 😉

    I been working on similar code39 reader – so I know about the issus…

    Include regular Barcodes, Give us an API, ….

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