Top Five Best Windows Mobile Devices

*Updated with a new #4. Switched the Touch Diamond for the Excalibur*

According to me. 🙂 I know everybody has their own favs but here are my five in order of preference.


#1. Palm Treo Pro (Panther)


- Designed for One hand operation, Palm did an amazing job at making this phone usable from the keyboard without touching the screen.

- Very Responsive and fast OS. Install SPB Mobile Shell for the best experience.

- Choice of Touch / Non-touch as the phone runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional.


#2. Samsung Blackjack II (SGH-i617)


- Fast and efficient input and control over the phone, very responsive.

- Simple no-fuss access to all the power of Windows Mobile

- Nice Camera, built in GPS and Internet Sharing on 3G capabilities.


#3. HTC Touch HD (Blackstone)


- Gorgeous 3.8” HD screen. 800x480.

- Very type-able Soft-keyboard because of the large screen and word completion.

- Fast TouchFlo 3D that include the stocks widget.

- Built in G-Sensor Accelerometer

- My favorite Touchscreen phone. I have a very low tolerance for touch screens and this one doesn’t make me complain 🙂


#4. HTC S620 (Excalibur) 

(was HTC Touch Diamond, thanks for the reminder Jason!)


- Slim and fits perfectly on the hand. Really nice matte / velvet feel.

- Keyboard is the fastest I've typed on.

- OS is slick and fast as well. Most reliable.


#5. HTC Star Trek


- My all time favorite. This phone has the best form factor, slim, clamshell and fast OS.

- It’s a pity they discontinued what would be a KILLER phone called the HTC Erato. a 3G capable, GPS enabled Star Trek. *sigh*



so there. My top 5. What are yours?

Comments (15)

  1. MSDN Archive says:

    What about the HTC Excalibur????  

  2. mobilenet says:

    The worse Windows Mobile Devices in 2008 -> Asus P552W.

  3. Scott Cate says:

    Have you seen or used the BlackJack3

    If so, any feedback on it?

  4. Daniel Siegl says:

    1# Xperia

    2# Touch HD

    3# Wizard – it started to be afordable there

    4# Loox N560 – Fast and an USB Host

    5# MC 75

  5. Alan says:

    If we’re including WinMo Classic devices (no phone), my vote goes to the HP IPaq 210.  4" VGA, 624 MHz Marvell processor, 128MB RAM, and both SDHC and CF slots.  Tethered with a 3G phone, I’ll take this combo over a Touch HD any day.

  6. Loke Uei says:

    OMG! I forgot about the Excalibur!! Thanks for the reminder Jason!!

  7. Will says:

    Nice. I like that you’ve included several non-touch screen phones Loke!

    Have you had a look at the new HTC S740 (or S743 in the US and known as the Dual Diamond/S22HT in Japan)?

    Personally I’m still a big fan of my i-mate SP5 and would like to see a new device of similar form factor (without the QWERTY keyboard), but thinner. Bit like the Samsung i200 perhaps, but with wifi/gps.

  8. Loke Uei says:

    S740? yes I have them, only problem I had with it is the slideout keyboard. they should have kept the slimness of the original Diamond and do away with the QWERTY keyboard. The 16key T9 is enough.

  9. According to my contacts are my fortune. I think that’s pretty accurate.

  10. According to my contacts are my fortune. I think that’s pretty accurate

  11. Miron Ophir says:

    I loved the QTEK 8310 and now moved my preference to the Samsung Blackjack (II) and Omnia devices.

  12. csmikle says:

    I’m worried, this shows that you’re not into touchscreen devices, unless the screen is too huge for the phone to practically also feature a hardware keyboard. You have no slide-out keyboard models, which are popular. You have no devices with at screen at around 3 inches, which I think is the sweet spot for one-handed use.

    Given your position with the dev team, this could help explain why so much effort went into consolidating the Standard and Professional platforms, at the expense of making the touchscreen experience better

  13. csmikle says:

    Another thing, if your all-time favorite with a "best form factor" that’s the same as dumbphones from years ago, what does that say about how you perceive the OS for powerful hand-held computing? I can’t imagine that a phone without a QWERTY keyboard (virtual or otherwise) doesn’t come in the way of using the OS to its potential.

    For a slim clamshell I could just get a RAZR — a torturous user experience.

  14. Loke Uei says:

    csmikle: I’m a phone person, I love the phone form factor first, then a powerful computer/pda. I can type faster on a T9 keypad than you can type on a QWERTY 🙂

    Yes I’m not into touch screen devices, but a ton of people in my team do. this list is mine not a reflection of my company’s direction. MS will always build devices for everyone. It’s all about choice, and frankly, I think we should be making more T9 / flip phones for users like me instead of focusing on touch devices, but then again, Touch IS the trend these days.

  15. MAC guy 89 says:

    Sorry guys, the iPod Touch is NOT compatible with Blue Tooth!

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