THIS is what you call Mobile Web Browsing

WOW. Don’t usually post stuff that are borderline illegal but look at what browsing on the HTC Touch HD with Internet Explorer 6 mobile looks like. checkout the whole post here : 

Wow I say!

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  1. ROM cooking is illegal? ROM cooking makes WindowsMobile more usable, faster etc etc. Why should everyone use the same (preloaded) apps? Why not make something moldy a bit more modern? The funny thing about ROM cooking is, that we actually paid for the WM license with the device. And cookers don´t make illegal copies, they just create modified versions.

    ROM cooking is a main argument for buying a WM device and NOT an iPhone. With the iPhone one is limited to one system (user interface etc etc etc).

    Please, do NOT denounce power users and ROM cookers as criminals, they aren´t. They are just enthuasiast, they are the soul of the WindowsMobile community. Imagine a world without them ? I can´t.

  2. Loke Uei says:

    haha take it easy bud! sure, my bad for calling them illegal, I really do appreciate all the great work they’re doing to keep the platform alive, but as an official employee of Microsoft, I cannot “officially” sanction the use of cooked ROMs. I can’t stop it, but I can’t sanction to use because you never know, someone might use it to distribute trojans and viruses and destroy phones. these do cause additional support calls for our OEM & Operator partners and including Microsoft.

    so while we can’t officially sanction, some of us in the company applaud their passion.

    I <- read. would say, “Keep up the good work guys!”

  3. m.schmidler says:

    ok, thanks for clarification, nice to hear that. Of course, official and unofficial statement differ, like everywhere. And as far as I experienced no one ever tried to publish a virus packed into a custom ROM, although scanners think they detect one *lol* Some cooks are well known and downloading such ROMs is IMHO absolutely safe.

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