Sony Ericsson Content Awards 2008

Just got this email from Sony Ericsson for Developers.

The Sony Ericsson Content Awards 2008 is all about you and us together. It's about rewarding talent and making your mark in the mobile content industry. With increasing sophistication of phones, content and consumers, the bar for winning this year's awards is raised even higher. Seven categories + innovation + your content = winning

You know as much as we do about the importance of mobile phones in daily life. This year it's estimated that around 2,200,000,000 people have mobile access worldwide. From baby-boomers, tech-centred teens to gadget-focused business people, mobile phones do much more than let everyone talk to each other. Consumers expect the very latest and want content that uniquely personlize their own phone. This year's categories reflect this, so click on one to find out more.

Creating Xperia panels

In this category we challenge you to create XPERIA™ Panels for the Sony Ericsson X1 phone using new tools from Sony Ericsson Developer World. Nine XPERIA Panels are displayed at once on the X1's touchscreen and they expand to show a group of short-cuts, whole applications, web services or whatever your imagination comes up with. Download the tools using the Windows Mobile Docs & Tools tab below.

Read more about the XPERIA X1>> clip_image001

Win a prize that money can’t buy – enter Sony Ericsson Content Awards 2008

Winning a category in this year’s Sony Ericsson Content Awards ensures that you will meet members of Sony Ericsson’s senior management and potentially change the future path of your company. Submitting your content by November 30, 2008 puts you in the running to win this prize of an exclusive, behind-the-scenes trip to discuss business with Sony Ericsson’s content decision makers.

Exclusively pitch your mobile content to Sony Ericsson’s decision makers

Winning a category in this year’s Sony Ericsson Content Awards ensures that you will meet members of Sony Ericsson’s senior management and potentially change the future path of your company.

These Sony Ericsson senior managers, software strategists and partner managers make the decisions about which content is preloaded and made available for download via the PlayNow™ arena, PlayNow over-the-air and Fun & Downloads distribution channels.

As a category winner, you will meet these decision-makers face-to-face, showcase your winning content, discuss business opportunities and hopefully see your content in Sony Ericsson’s upcoming phone portfolio.

Two way information flow

The information flow goes both ways in this behind-the-scenes glimpse. The Sony Ericsson management team will also share Sony Ericsson’s future vision with the winners – information that is normally only shared with signed-up business partners.

The prize

The Sony Ericsson Content Awards 2008 prize includes:

  • Exclusive workshop at Sony Ericsson's development site in Lund, Sweden in March 2009 for two people per winning company featuring:
      • Pre-workshop support and presentation guidance.
      • Day 1: present to managers and Sony Ericsson staff in an exhibition format followed by senior managers presenting Sony Ericsson’s future vision. Discussions continue over dinner.
      • Day 2: join Sony Ericsson’s software strategists and distribution channel managers in a conference format followed by one-on-one business meetings.
  • 2008 winner’s symbol which can be used on your web site and in marketing literature.

The Sony Ericsson Developer World team will be there to support you during your visit to Sweden – making this a great opportunity to meet us face-to-face too!

Competition categories – submission open until November 30, 2008

The Sony Ericsson Content Awards 2008 are open to all market-ready applications, games, graphics and services created for Sony Ericsson mobile phones by any third-party development company. The categories are:

  • Being Productive
  • Going Green
  • In-Car applications
  • Mobile Entertainment
  • Lifestyle Experiences
  • Themes & Graphics
  • XPERIA™ X1 Panels
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