Live Mesh (tech preview) for Mobile available now.

To those of you who have Live Mesh accounts, you can download the Live Mesh mobile client now from

URL for Direct Download is :

if you don’t have an account, ping me via email and I’ll send you an invite.

Comments (5)

  1. Some One says:

    I have tried to down load directly and put on the phone. All I get is can’t connect at the moment. Could you post a deep link to the web page that represents that image? I can’t find that web page. You have one for the general site and one for the actaul download. But I don’t see that instructions page.

  2. Henrik says:

    Currently the mobile version can only connect US and UK users. I have tried from Denmark and I was greeted by can’t connect at the moment.

  3. is interesting new member of the Live Services family that is enabling users to have "on

  4. marauderz says:

    Also, it’s having some problems wiith certain phones, like my Diamond… oh well.. it is a tech preview

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