New Mobile Architecture Pocket Guide Available

  The patterns & practices group has just recently released a new Pocket Guide that is targeted at Mobile Architecture and development. It covers a ton of information and common pitfalls that you can avoid when building serious mobile line of business applications. Download a copy here :


Verizon launches the Omnia!

Nice! Finally a new phone from Verizon. They need to ship more phones quicker, I have a ton of friends on Verizon that need upgrades. here are the specs: (resolution is a bummer though, 240×400 and not the VGA version)   Full HTML Web browser with touch navigation Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Access to multiple…


Spin the Bottle – Touch Diamond edition

Daniel Siegl from Lieber Lieber Software wrote me a mail to let me know that he got inspired by our Accelerometer showcase at the Mobility Smackdown session at TechEd EMEA ,and he quickly wrote a Spin The Bottle application to demonstrate how it can be done quickly.   go download it and give it a…


Windows Mobile 6.1.4 Emulator Images Available now

Today we’re announcing the availability of the Windows Mobile 6.1.4 Emulator Images that includes the new Internet Explorer Mobile 6 browser built in. These are the new resolutions that are supported: Windows Mobile 6.1.4 Standard DPI: 131 – Resolution: 320 x 320 pixels DPI: 131 – Resolution: 400 x 240 pixels DPI: 131 – Resolution:…


Sony Ericsson Content Awards 2008

Just got this email from Sony Ericsson for Developers. The Sony Ericsson Content Awards 2008 is all about you and us together. It’s about rewarding talent and making your mark in the mobile content industry. With increasing sophistication of phones, content and consumers, the bar for winning this year’s awards is raised even…


Live Mesh (tech preview) for Mobile available now.

To those of you who have Live Mesh accounts, you can download the Live Mesh mobile client now from URL for Direct Download is : if you don’t have an account, ping me via email and I’ll send you an invite.


New Samsung Omnia w 806mhz CPU and 800×480 WVGA screens

  Checkout these specs compared to the older Omnia (right). (sorry for the untranslated Korean)   Looks a little thicker though. wonder if they’ve updated the widget homescreen to make it more usable. With the 806mhz CPU, watching HD video would be very nice now.   Full release: