The O Fone is REAL!

I’m not kidding!! We made this parody for the MEDC 2007 keynote 1.5 years ago:


And now Motorola just announced the availability of their new phone called the AURA with circular screen! This is just hilarious!



it’s PRICY though at 2k a pop and it doesn’t run Windows Mobile.. oh well.

Comments (2)

  1. Eduardo Favio Angeles says:

    Hey Loke,

    I just saw your presentation at the PDC Underground.  Great stuff! I already downloaded skyfire and is my favorite browser now.  I can finally stream video in my Windows Mobile Phone! Priceless!

    Yeah, I thought the O-fone had a future… too bad Microsoft didn’t launch it! I would’ve bought it 😀

    Great stuff! Thanks for all the cool stuff you guys do for us!

    And Thanks for the Business Card tonight!!!

  2. Loke Uei says:

    hey Eduardo, sorry I didn’t see this earlier. Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked the event, wasn’t that place awesome?

    keep in touch!

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