Resco releases MobileForms Toolkit 2008

This is really handy for developers. Resco has released a ton of controls for .NET Compact Framework developers to help speed up application development time. PRESS RELEASE.

ImageButton_02 AdvancedTree_02 scr_audio

This toolkit contains the following controls:

  • Resco SmartGrid for .NET - powerful grid control with built-in auto edit capabilities
  • Resco AdvancedList for .NET - professional list control suitable for small displays of mobile devices
  • Resco AdvancedTree for .NET - featured tree control excellent for displaying tree-organized data
  • Resco DetailView for .NET - elegant and quick way of creating user input forms
  • Resco CompactChart for .NET - charting control supporting 5 chart types
  • Resco OutlookShortcutBar for .NET - popular shortcut control, common to all modern applications
  • Resco OutlookWeekCalendar for .NET - Day/Week appointment scheduling control
  • Resco OutlookMonthCalendar for .NET - Month/Year scheduling control
  • Resco OutlookDateTimePicker for .NET - modern version of common control providing advanced styles
  • Resco InkBox for .NET - ink control suitable for quick notes or signatures
  • Resco ImageBox for .NET CF - versatile image control supporting various graphic formats
  • Resco ImageButton for .NET CF - adjustable, modifiable and skinnable button
  • Resco Audio for .NET CF - powerful library for playing and recording audio
  • Resco Zip for .NET - industry standard compression library

you can checkout screenshots and find out more info here :

These controls integrate with Visual Studio 2005 & 2008 editions.

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