Off Topic: Latte Printer

You know how much passion Seattleites have for coffee and after living here for three years, I'm addicted. My favorite is the Grande Breve Latte. For a latte fan, anything to do to spice up how the coffee taste and looks would be great but this is taking things to the next level.

The guys at OnLatte Inc in Boston has patented and created a prototype of what can only be described as a Latte Printer (well their product is called Latte Printer *duh*), and they showed it off at SIGGRAPH 2008 recently. Here are the designs fromt he first two days at the conference:




AMAZING isnt’ it? Starbucks should buy them and put it in every outlet they have worldwide.

here’s their blog:

Comments (2)

  1. Darek says:

    Did the FDA approve the ink ha ha!

    Not only do we have to see publicity now we have to eat it.

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