Going to PDC? don’t miss this Pre-conference

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Doug Boling and Jim Wilson are our mobile development rockstars and they'll be at PDC 2008 this year delivering the one day pre-conference called "Windows Mobile Development in Depth".

if you're going to PDC 2008, you won't wanna miss this. I believe they have a special if you register early:

Windows Mobile® Development In-Depth

Presenter(s): Doug Boling, Jim Wilson

Mobile devices are a booming market with new devices coming out every day; each new device represents a new opportunity for Windows developers to take their skills to the mobile space. This full-day preconference will cover the entire lifecycle of a Windows Mobile application including defining an appropriate architecture, tools selection, developing, testing, and debugging. Specific tips on how to optimize your application for the small screens, lower CPU speeds, intermittent connectivity, and power management issues related to mobile development will be provided. The session will also include data centric topics such as SQL Server Compact, Language Integrated Query (LINQ) and data synchronization techniques. Come learn how to write cool applications for Windows Mobile devices in this intensive, example filled session for developers and architects.

About the presenter(s):

Jim Wilson is president of JW Hedgehog, Inc. (http://jwhh.com) a New Hampshire–based consulting firm specializing in Windows Mobile solutions, content creation, and mentoring. Jim has worked extensively with the .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework since the beta release of each; he also has over 16 years relational database experience. Jim writes frequently for MSDN and has developed mobility curriculums for two of the industry’s leading technology training organizations, DevelopMentor and PluralSight. Jim is an MVP and speaks regularly at a variety of conferences including PDC, Tech Ed, and MEDC. Jim is online at http://pluralsight.com/blogs/jimw

Doug Boling is an author, trainer, and consultant specializing on Windows Mobile devices and the Windows Embedded CE operating system. He is the author of the highly acclaimed "Programming Microsoft Embedded Windows CE” from Microsoft Press. Doug has taught the developers of a number of the leading companies in the Windows Mobile and Windows CE market. When not teaching, he spends his time assisting companies developing their Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded CE products. Doug consults and teaches his classes through his company Boling Consulting Inc. (www.bolingconsulting.com) and can be reached at dboling@bolingconsulting.com



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