HTC S740 is the Shiznit!

Alright, i'm totally skipping the Rafael for this new shiny toy. They finally got their senses back and put a 12keypad on the device. Don't quite like the QWERTY though, but might be useful. Phone looks a little thick, around 2mm thinner than the Rafael which is like a boat.


I'm still waiting for the HTC "Star Trek Diamond" though. HTC!! do you guys hear me? Clamshell Diamond with T9 running Windows Mobile Standard and an upgraded TouchFlo3D!

Comments (2)

  1. phantom76 says:

    I really hated the HTC S710 during the two weeks time I used it. It was the first WinMo Std phone to come in this form factor. Hopefully they fixed all the problems this time around.

    Screen is a bummer. still QVGA.

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