Samsung Omnia Upgrade Available

Thanks to Jason, i'm upgrading my Omnia to the new version now. If you have one, get it from here:


for both XP and Vista 🙂

Comments (7)

  1. berntham says:

    haptic feedback wont’ work after the upgrade…

  2. berntham says:

    more discoveries… new skins to some apps like calculator (so?), a world clock which allows you to pick your city via a finger scrolling workld map (nice), new app called smart reader which scans name cards and documents (very memory intensive), new widgets: dual display digital clock for 2 time zones, wireless manager, & browser. was there a phone book widget before? can’t recall… one new samsung today screen, with more UNCUSTOMIZABLE icons on the screen… sigh… rhytmic vibrations now only 5 instead of 20 (at least they realized this was stupid!). faster screen rotation with a less annoying animation. and FYI all; my ROM version is now DXHG4. will be nuking it with a windows XP machine as i heard other folks saying it was ok with XP since i used Vista… coincidently, HTC just launched a ROM upgrade for the diamond too!

  3. jason says:

    wow definitely an iphone killer !

    i preorded mine before they sell out

  4. ephraim frenkel says:

    I am using my omnia in the US on ATT. The upgrade seems to be for Singapore operator specific.  WIll this upgrade effect how my phone works with ATT?

  5. GJ says:

    When I’m trying to download the latest upgrade file from the samsung website, it gives me an error everytime at the same position. When it’s downloaded 31%, it gives me an error, connection reset from server.

    Is there anywhere else I can download this file from?

  6. Tyson says:

    Anyone had trouble with video editor?  I recorded a video file and decided to edit it using the video editor.  I clipped it to reduce the length and re-saved it.  It just will not play sound.  The original plays sound perfectly.  I have even tried re-inserting the sound into the file.  I just cannot get it to play sound on the edited vidoe file.  Very disappointed.

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