Windows Mobile API Usage Tool RTW!!

The Windows Mobile API Usage Tool performs static analysis of applications and binaries designed to run on Windows Mobile devices and reports on the usage of system APIs and other resources.  The goal of the tool is to provide a report of system dependencies to the application developer, optionally including the deprecated APIs that the application may currently depend on.

Developers who elect to do so may share the reports generated with the Windows Mobile application compatibility team.  These reports will be aggregated and the data will be used in application compatibility investigations and as an aid in prioritizations for deprecating APIs, creating samples, testing, and for engagement efforts around helping developers move forward to the next version of Windows Mobile. 

The tool currently ships with a list of APIs that had been deprecated in Windows Mobile 6 and below.  Users of the tool may add APIs to this list, and we will provided updated deprecated API lists in the future.

 Download it here :


Comments (3)

  1. Matt Lacey says:

    Where can I find more information about analyzing the results?

  2. tester says:

    Where can I find more document to use this tool ?

    The description said that it can accept an applicationFile as parameter, but I can not use it this way.

    Need some parameter sample strings for reference…

    Don’t know HOW TO USE…

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