Want to sync your Windows Mobile device to a Mac?

Try this solution from Markspace called the Missing Sync (cheeky)

look at all these features:

  • Connects with Windows Mobile devices via USB and Bluetooth
  • Supports devices running Windows Mobile 2002/2003/5/6
  • Syncs with Address Book, iCal, Entourage 2004 and others
  • Syncs Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other files
  • Downloads iPhoto albums and iTunes playlists
  • Imports device-side photos and video
  • Encodes QuickTime video for mobile playback
  • Provides drag-and-drop install of .cab-formatted applications
  • Displays phone call and SMS text message logs on the Mac
  • Supports two Macs and any number of Windows Mobile devices
  • Universal application provides the best performance
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