Need a free remote control, screen capture for your Mobile Device?

We use SOTI Pocket Controller here at Microsoft for all our demos and it's a fantastic utility. We do have a corporate license with SOTI but we realize that some of you are looking for a free alternative. Now you have one and it's called MyMobileR.

Go MyMobiler Forum

download it and give it a go, works pretty well 🙂

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  1. This past week, I was teaching the mobility lab in St. Louis with Denny (Architect Evangelist) and Loke

  2. You can also use the free EveryWAN Remote Support Personal Edition from Sparus Software.

  3. janebush08 says:

    Thanks for the post… very useful stuff 🙂

  4. ninjas says:

    Hi thanks for sharing it.

    It works gr8. I dont know whether my question is stupid but just want to know whether we can develop our display control like mymobiler?

  5. Great post… I have bookmarked it!!!

  6. Shane124 says:

    can i use it for my mobile also?

  7. Rocker 300 says:

    Is there a freeware version for Windows CE devices?

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