Rare video footage of the Windows Mobility Smackdown!

It's not everyday you get to see a cool session at a Technical event, but every 6 months we run an internal Microsoft technical readiness event for our technical folks in the field called TechReady. We've been running this event for 3 years and at every TechReady, we run one of the most anticipated and sought after session titled, Windows Mobility Smackdown. In this session, we go through a slew of short but amazing and cool demos of what you can do with Windows Mobile to educate and excite our field.

We don't typically show what we do in the Smackdown but this year, Max Zuckerman managed to convince the speakers to shoot a video and show the community what happens in one of these sessions.

HEAVILY filtered and censored of course 😉

Watch it here : http://channel8.msdn.com/Posts/3768/ 

Windows Mobility Smackdown at TechReady 6

Crazy eh?

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  1. I’m writing this as I’m flying home from Seattle to Brussels via Seattle. Feeling a bit cramped here

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