Changing Network Modes in Blackjack II

For those who carries the Blackjack II phone, you'll realize very quickly that you can't switch Network modes / bands which makes things very frustrating. For instance if you need to turn off 3G and stick with EDGE to conserve battery life.

PhoneDude, one of the readers of my blog posted a fix in my previous post about Blackjack II having good battery life. Here are his instructions:


  1. type *#1546792*#
  2. choose option3 Network & Call Settings
  3. choose option5 Network Mode
  4. then switch from "Auto" to "GSM"
  5. to switch back to 3G simply follow the same steps and switch back to auto


Nice! Thanks buddy! Leave your email next time.

Comments (2)

  1. roch larocca says:

    can i turn the network off and leave the phone on with this *#154 6792*#proceedure?  or how would i do that?


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